Bert Jr.

Bert Jr. is a neutered male cocker/poodle mix around 2 years old. He is current on vaccines including rabies & microchipped. He weighs around 22lbs.

Bert Jr. is a simple man who keeps to himself. He coexists with other dogs & will sometimes play, but for the most part, just observes. He would do fine being the only dog in his next home or with another dog that has the same demeanor as him – to coexist with no competition.

He loves to spend his morning napping in the sun on the patio after breakfast. He is crate trained & potty trained but accidents will occur while he adjusts to a new environment/routine. He has never been on a walk with a leash/harness. He loves treats & any long lasting toys to chew on. He doesn’t mind being picked up & is a good boy listener with direction. He is not a big cuddler, but with time & patience, we hope he learns to enjoy it. He would much prefer a dog bed or blanket to sleep on at night & he does enjoy his crate. He will need regular grooming & has done fantastic at his previous appointments.

Bert Jr. is a unique, very independent & self sufficient dog. He came from a neglectful home, so affection is not something he is used to. He thrives on routine & would prefer a low-key home, where he can go about his day without all of the attention on him.

Please complete an adoption application at & you will be contacted within 48hrs if your application fits his current needs.